Do you know how many times a week I say “you know, it was really unclear” or “that’s rough, buddy” and I cackle inside because

I know I’m funny 

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Kataang Fanfiction > Nothingness 

Prompt: Katara and Aang meeting again in the Spirit World.

Rating: T for brief sexual content, themes, and content.

Word Count: 1,430

A/N: I’m really, really happy with how this turned out. I cried like a baby when I wrote the end, not gonna lie. Ugly, gross sobbing type crying. Kataang feelings, man.

I just haven’t felt this happy with a piece of my writing in a while, but I love this one.

I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this song while reading. It took me 4 minutes to read this, so you have to play the song twice, but it makes it so much more emotional.


Nothing hurts.

Katara’s not used to that. Her bones usually ache, there’s a hole in her chest, a pit in her stomach, something.

But it’s just nothingness. Nothingness is blissful, Nothingness is an escape. She feels herself smile, even though she can’t see anything, can’t see, but she can feel.

She’s falling, falling, to where, Katara doesn’t know, but she’s falling. Appa will catch her - sadness. Sadness cuts through the Nothingness, and she wants to open her eyes, open them, please, just to see, to see, not just feel. There’s a white light somewhere, and she writhes. Writhes with what body, she’s not sure, but she can feel the thick parka pressed against her wrinkled skin.

Nothingness again, a release. Katara falls, and then she doesn’t. She doesn’t hit the ground, yet she is resting. She can feel grass tickling her face, a gentle wind brushing her hair over her face. She is young again.

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I’ve never felt like I belong anywhere. I’m weird that way, but I feel it’s something that a lot of tumblr can relate too.

I have friends. But every once in a while, they’ll be laughing about something I didn’t catch, and I’ll look at them and feel like I’m not quite what they are together, like I’m not part of that. As if I’m a stranger looking in.

Sometimes I’ll step back and look at my family, and feel like an outcast.

But there’s something about this song, about Avatar, that I just can’t articulate to people. It’s ineffable in a way, and I wish I could say it.

The way this simple song brings 62 episodes rushing back, how you wish you could unwatch it just to watch it again, how you remember how much your heart ached when it ended. There’s no other way to describe it but an ache, a twisting in the pit of your stomach because it was over. Over. You heard those closing credits, the song The End of Avatar, and it simply ached.

But just listening to Peace Excerpt somehow brings it all back. The time spent over the characters, the plot, the jokes, the sadness, the bittersweetness of it all.

It brings back Sokka’s jokes, Toph’s stomps, Katara’s search for her mother, Zuko and Azula’s heart wrenching battle of wills and family.

You start to remember the morals of it all, the genocide commentary, the race commentary, the sexism that it battled, the fact that you can relate to the characters.

Then you think of all of the people that feel the same way you do, except they can’t, because… there’s no way any of them get the same dull ache that you do just thinking about Avatar in its finality and wholeness. They say they do, but surely they don’t understand.

It’s a parting, a parting of ways. You just cling to this feeling, this feeling of relating to everyone, because why not? Because it would be too painful to let go, maybe. Because the show, the people in it and around it, have given so much, and you’ve gotten so much.

I don’t know. There’s just something about this song that makes me feel like - and maybe it’s just me - but for once in my life, I belong somewhere.

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"For a little kid, he has a surprisingly well-sculpted chest." - My mother after watching Avatar, about Aang.

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Guilty Confession 

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Azula Fanfiction > Fear 

Prompt: We had an assignment for Creative Writing to write a scene from a movie or TV show from another person’s point of view. So I took it to mean write a long fanfiction one-shot.

Rating: T for disturbing thoughts and such.

Word Count: 2,139

A/N: This is total and complete shit, warning you. Not one of my better efforts, plus I had to insert tons of background stuff so that my lit teacher wouldn’t be completely lost. I put in a background prologue, but took that out for y’all. I failed to capture just how insane she went, so this entire thing is a failure in my eyes. Even so, some people wanted to read it, so voila.


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Just finished my Azula Fanfiction for Creative Writing class. 

No matter how hard I tried, I don’t think I properly conveyed just how insane she went.

I think it’s something that only Avatar did justice. Oh well. I have 4 pages front and back of written Azula psycho-analyzation during the finale and the Last Agni Kai.

Good stuff.

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It Just Hit Me 

It’s over. It’s over, and we won’t see any more. No more adventures of Aang, Sokka, Toph, Katara, Zuko, Appa, Momo, Iroh, Azula, none of them.

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Grace’s Horrible First Attempt at Summarizing 

I need to summarize both A:tLA (its plot and characters) and Korra, so I’m starting with A:tLA. See what I have so far and help me out. I focused on Zuko’s backstory first, since his is one of the most involved, but I need all the help I can get with everyone else.

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Mako and Bolin 

Their bromance is so amazing. I really hope they touch on that more.

As much as I love the shipping and all, I love the more heartfelt, family moments. Does that make me weird? I think the heart of A:tLA was in its family (Sokka and Katara, Zuko and Iroh, Aang and Appa), and I doubt this show’ll be any different.

I really hope Korra doesn’t stray away from the deep roots of family, because (maybe I’m weird), but I just really loved them.

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