Borra Fanfiction > Nighttime Banter 

Prompt: An overwhelming amount of requests for Borra.

Rating: T for undertones.

Word Count: 467

A/N: This is super short, and my first time writing Borra. I might start to ship it. They have such a great dynamic!


"This is why we have more fun without him," Bolin jokes, nudging Korra with his elbow. She laughs, turning towards him on the dance floor, the vibrant music pulsing around them.

"Sure is!" she replies, spinning again, and Bolin catches her over the crook of his arm, both of them out of breath. She laughs, and he helps her stand again.

"C’mon, then. We’ve been dancing for a while. Let’s walk," he replies, arm tucking into hers. He leads her to the door of the club, leaving the other partygoers behind. They’ll be upset that the Avatar is leaving the vicinity, good publicity and all, but Korra ignores the fact. If she was here to advertise for them, she would just put a billboard on her face.

The music fades into the background, still thrumming gently, and the chilly temperature of Republic City’s nighttime cuts into her. It feels good, though, after all that dancing.

She likes that about him, she decides. He’s a challenge, always up for new things, cool with whatever crazy stuff she wants to try.

Korra wishes she’d brought her jacket, but Bolin’s thick body next to hers is enough to emanate heat for the both of them.

"You cold?" Bolin asks as they walk through the high end district of the city, passing a few late time walkers and not much else.

"Nah," she replies, letting the conversation lull again. "You?"

"Me? Please. I’m so hot I’m never cold."

She shoots him a sideways glance, and he shrugs.

"What? I can’t help it the ladies like me."

"The ladies, huh? All of them, then?" Korra quips, wishing she could tear her arm from his and prop it up on her hip. Damn it. I have to stop doing that.

"Yep. That’s right. All of them."

Bolin smirks as they continue down the street, and Korra raises her free hand toward him.

"Don’t make me bend at you."

"Only if I’m into that," he replies, wiggling his eyebrows, and noticing her glare, chuckles. "Hey, no harm done. I wouldn’t want you to slam me off the side of the arena-"

"I didn’t know!" Korra complains loudly, and he smirks at her again. Damn smirks. "It wasn’t my fault I had no clue how it worked!"

"Yeah, it was," he acknowledges, and she can’t help but grin. She glances down at her feet in a rare gesture.

It’s simple around him. Fun. He understands her need for comfortable silence, and for easygoing times, for a hug when things aren’t going so well.

Bolin knows how to have a good time, and that’s something that is irreplaceable.

Korra’s gaze drifts to the side as she realizes that his hand moved down, fingers interlacing with hers. He gives her hand a reassuring squeeze, and she smiles.

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